Magicpoint: A meta-presentation

"So, here's the scene. You turn up to OSCON. You're talking to Larry and Damian about your latest module - Acme::Jam - and they're agreeing and telling you how cool you are. You can't put a foot wrong. You bounce down to the front of the auditorium to begin your talk, go full-screen and..'s too late. They've seen the Powerpoint window. Larry sighs, and you can see Mark-Jason Dominus mouth "re-tard-o" at you from the back."

This talk was given to the London Perl M[ou]ngers on the 18th July 2002.

It's a lightning talk, which is why there aren't many slides at all.

If you'd like to see the source, it's available for download, along with my default.mgp.

For an example of an mgp presentation looking much better than mine, the Ximian hackers use MagicPoint for their presentations.


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